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All the agility of a Lotus and still comfortable enough to take the family out.

2012 Carbon Grey Evora

James drove everything, Audi, Ferrari, Jag, Austin Martin, etc. They all had their high points, but nothing felt like the Lotus.


A computer programmer who has a thing for cars designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.



Arctic Silver Elise

Gabber usually leads the SCLC pack. He pushed his car to keep up with his abilities and is always looking for a good micro brewery.


Originally manufactured to put out 190hp, DRS has helped bring this Exige to 336hp.

S 340 e85 Driver: SoCalSteve

I’ve always had a passion for speed and cars. I grew up on Mustangs but found my true love when I discovered Lotus!

“SoCal” Steve Owner - SCLC

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